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What is profoundly worrying is the decision to prosecute regardless of the feeble quality of the new evidence, the placing in double jeopardy of Dobson (who had been formally acquitted in 1996 of the murder when a private prosecution was brought) , the general difficulties of a trial held 18 years after the event, the all too perniciously potent legacy of the Macpherson Report and the almost continuous media circus which has accompanied the Lawrence killing for nearly 19 years and repeatedly savaged the reputation of the defendants .

The police originally had five white youths in the frame for the murder, Dobson and Norris plus Luke Knight and the brothers Neil and Jamie Acourt. The parents of Stephen Lawrence then initiated a private prosecution against the five suspects, but only Jamie Acourt, Gary Dobson and Luke Knight stood trial.Despite assiduous attempts, I can find no media reports that either Dobson or Norris’ lawyers applied to have the trial struck down on those grounds.If no application was made by their lawyers ,the defendants would have every reason to feel cheated because if ever there was a case where a fair trial would have been impossible this is it.Robert Henderson The conviction of Gary Dobson and David Norris for the murder of Stephen Lawrence is a savage and sinister travesty of justice.That is not because the defendants are necessarily innocent .

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