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While other (more conservative) Lebanese women take their virginity so seriously that they don’t even wear tampons. If you are an Eastern European woman living in Lebanon (and not working in a supernight club) you will automatically be labeled a prostitute no matter how many degrees you have, languages you speak, or high powered positions you’ve held. For most Lebanese men, looks still comes ahead of intelligence, character, and moral values.

Meaning that one hour per week (or just once per year as the project “Earth Hour” is suggesting) one should shut of the lights and try to live without electricity (and electronically devices that needs electricity).

Therefore, it often appears that relationships progress quite quickly since most of the “dating/getting to know each other before it’s official” takes place parking lots.

So, as soon as two people go out ALONE in public, it usually means that things are “official.” 5.

While covering the story of hostage Brian Keenan he was kidnapped and himself held hostage for 1,943 days.

John recently married and lives with his wife, Anna, in Fulham Brian Keenan, 49, was born and grew up in Belfast.

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