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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer. Their other two Top 10 records peaked at #7, "You Really Got Me" in 1964 and "All Day and all of the Night" in [email protected] Kristi - I pet sit for a cat named Lola, and I sing this song to her - lol! Wait, sorry, I wanted to say "non-transvestites (which are different from *crossdressers*, etc. This is a great song; I first heard it in the sixth or seventh grade, and I knew what it was about right away. It's a great song, and you don't need to be ANYTHING except a music fan to appreciate it. Okay, okay The most telling lyrics: "I pushed her away. Of course, there's an incredible amount of double meaning throughout the whole song. This is one of the GREATEST rock songs ever for many reasons, but mostly because it ROCKS!! Between 19 the English quintet had twenty-four Top 100 records; five made the Top 10 with two reaching #6, "Tired of Waiting for You" for 2 weeks on April 18th, 1965 and "Coming Dancing" for 2 weeks on July 10th, 1983... " I also call her Lola Falana, like the actress/singer of the same name. In Ray Davies' (of The Kinks) seminal song Lola, he writes the lyric "I'm glad I'm a man, and so is Lola." This can mean one of four things: "Lola and I are both glad I'm a man," "I'm glad Lola and I are both men," "I'm glad I'm a man, and Lola is also a man," or "I'm glad I'm a man, and Lola is also glad to be a man." Davies opted to use syntactic ambiguity on purpose and has never made it clear which interpretation is the correct one. Lola is about a transvestite, not a crossdresser (however, obligatory "LONG LIVE EDDIE IZZARD! Okay, I don't want to get anyone's panties in a bunch (yes, intended :p) -- but I just wanted to say that some of the comments here about "heteroboors" and whatnot -- COME ON! This guy is on his knees looking directly at Lola's......what? That's when the real realization of what's going on really hits. I do not care about any of the deeper meanings of the lyrics or social-political statements that the song makes it just F*****g ROCKS and is fun to listen to; dance to; sing and play if you are lucky enough to be in a band!!! I am putting anyone down for anything, but too often I feel that people lose the perspective if you over analyze a song, one can some times lose sight of the forest for the trees.For more on Arellano and Taco USA, How Mexican Food Conquered America click If you would like to receive free monthly notifications, with the Table of Contents for the latest Somos Primos issue contact: [email protected] Lozano, Editor Mercy Bautista Olvera Roberto Calderon, Ph, D. Before taking up a 51-year career in higher education I was for a number of years a teacher of French at Jefferson High Schoola predominantly Mexican American schoolin El Paso, Texas. My Russian studies were engendered by my work as a Threat Analyst in Soviet Studies during my 10 years in the Air Force as an Intelligence Officer4 of those years in Europe.

In 1913, a functionary of the Spanish foreign ministry, Julin Juderas y Loyot (18771918) (Media Link #ab), received a prize from the weekly La Ilustracin Espaola y Americana for the best work describing the image of Spain abroad.

My husband used to walk around happily singing the song Lola like he was thinking about some long lost girlfriend. Now, sure, it was a little bit later until I fully understood it, but I knew what it meant. Hetero or LBGTS, it doesn't matter, a great song is a great song, and yes, non-crossdressers (which, I know, are different from transvestites and homosexuals, etc. Some years ago, I was working in a welding shop, and we had hired some temps to help with a large project.

One day I said to him, "You do know that Lola is a transvestite, don't you"? We had the radio playing as we worked, and a song by Elton John was playing.

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