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Tolkien Gateway's official chat or IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is where any editor, user, or members of the public can come to chat with other like-minded folk about Tolkien Gateway, J. To chat now, click here or read the instructions below.

Sign-ups are not required nor do users need to install anything as they can access the chat via Mibbit.

Access: Whatever your job is Additional Access: Any place you or your victims had access to Difficulty: Hard Supervisors: The Syndicate, probably Duties: Drink people's DNA, fool people. THE HEAD OF SECURITY IS A CHANGE-" *BZZZZZRT* *CRUNCH* "Nevermoind, everything's OK.

Go back to work." A changeling is a highly intelligent alien predator that is capable of altering their shape to flawlessly resemble a human.

These large-scale objects are impressive reminders of West Berlin’s status as an island in the middle of the Soviet zone of occupation, and stand for the threats to access routes to the western part of the city.

The second part of the permanent exhibition in the Nicholson Memorial Library examines the period 1951 to 1994.

The Changeling hunts with its ability to synthesize deadly chemicals internally, adopt the form of it's past victims, and even directly alter its form to be more suited to the task at hand. It has had time to "familiarize" itself with the ins and outs of its primary victim's identity, ready to take anything it desires -- be it your equipment, your faces, or your lives!

Even if a changeling has not attacked any other crew members, it is highly likely it has attacked or killed others in its infiltration.

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As a result of their expertise in infiltration, the Syndicate often hires Changelings to steal high-risk items from Nanotrasen.The focus is on the military confrontation between East and West during the Cold War.Berlin war an especially important scene of rivalries between opposing intelligence services.The first part of the permanent exhibition in the former American Outpost movie theater explores the years 1945 to 1950.The themes are the Allied victory at the end of World War II, the first years of the occupation, and the process of democratic renewal.

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