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Many at this age are not necessarily looking for "hookups" but more for companions and people to talk with about common issues of the age group.Many have had life experiences that put us in different circumstances now, and the forums (what others called blogging) are a place to share feelings and get feedback from others on how the "single" life has changed and how it applies in our situations.So how does an Anglo Saxon community dating to around the eighth or ninth century, judging by its name, fit into the picture as regards Thame?As can be seen from the picture, Ludsden lies on the road from the heart of Thame to Towersey.

All the juicy bits are accessable via the tabbed menu above. Old versions of Solareclipse: » Gen 1 (1999) - Holy BEVEL, Batman! » Gen 2 (1999) - Wow, and I used to consider that *GOOD*...

The forums have been around since March of 1999, with the community dating back to 1995.

That's really quite old when you think of it in internet terms.

The name Ludsden, or Luddesden as it is sometimes spelt, is Anglo Saxon in origin.

The 'den' part of the name is likely to denote a clearing in woodland, and Ludd may have been the local chieftain.

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