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I got a pretty good friend, so I think we will be able to talk it out."Earnhardt, who had been having brake issues throughout the race, ran into the back of Patrick's No. After the race, Earnhardt apologized while blaming his car's faulty brakes for the crash, per Nick Bromberg of Yahoo Sports:[The brakes] got worse and worse and worse and I probably shouldn’t have been racing as hard as I was when we ran into the back of Danica.

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“Our personal life, who you’re dating or when you’re getting married or where you’re going to get married or what you do with your time off or your hobbies are totally fair game.” Earnhardt said he didn’t think their relationship would have any impact on how Patrick and Stenhouse race against or with each other.

Speaking on Tuesday’s edition of his weekly podcast, "The Dale Jr.

Download," NASCAR’s most popular driver explained, as he did immediately after the race, that he did not mean to wreck Patrick but that a problem with his car’s brakes resulted in the contact.

“They’ve been racing together with no problems so far,” he said.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s girlfriend – celebrated birthdays on Wednesday.

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