Dating from different countries

So, if you want to avoid weight gain this holiday season, maybe consider heading to Armenia. Included are historical calendars as well as proposed ones.The language barrier will be insurmountable and there’s no culture for locals meeting foreigners in such a way.If you somehow defy the odds or go the route of the pros, as so many do, I believe Khmers and Westerners are too different for it to work long-term.

The Islamic and some Buddhist calendars are lunar, while most modern calendars are solar, based on either the Julian or the Gregorian calendars.

You’ll simply run into issues that don’t apply in any other country or setting.

Intellectually then, a Khmer 25-year-old is at or below a Western primary school level. The conversations and topics you can engage in will be limited to trivial matters about food, clothes and the weather.

In Classical Antiquity, the Hellenic calendars inspired the Roman calendar, including the solar Julian calendar introduced in 45 BC.

Many modern calendar proposals, including the Gregorian calendar itself, are in turn modifications of the Julian calendar.

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