Fraud dating

Before the South China Morning Post, Rachel worked as a reporter at the Evening Standard in London.

Follow her on Twitter @rachelblundy." data-title="Rachel Blundy" data-html="true" data-template=" Hong Kong women who opened their hearts and purses to online dating scammers lost HK ­million to fraudsters last year – ­triple the amount in each of the previous two years, according to shocking new police figures.

Dating and romance scammers lower your defences by building an online relationship with you.

Many people, both men and women, have lost huge amounts of money to online dating scammers.

Connecting Singles is different - we take great effort to get rid of scammers.

Of course, they don’t come right out and say that’s what they want.

In recent months, we’ve told you about IRS imposters, romance scams, and work-at-home scams.

We always give you tips on how to spot and avoid these scams. Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. If you’re lookin’ for love (sometimes in all the wrong places), chances are you’ll wind up on an online dating site at some point.

The cash is usually difficult to recover because the fraudsters live outside Hong Kong and use different aliases.

They are known to research their victim’s interests through their social media profile before contacting them through an online dating platform.

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