Initiative safer dating

However, it doesn’t hurt to place a little more caution when using these sites to start talking to someone, just as you would if you met a stranger in a bar or at a party.

“What’s frustrating is that there are a minority of people who use online dating as a forum to target vulnerable people, knowing if they invest a lot of time into building a relationship with someone, they could potentially steal a lot of money.

The robots with humans inside the virtual space -- it's good to know we can join the robots occasionally.

Nvidia unveiled its Isaac Initiative, an artificial intelligence platform for training the robots of the future in a virtual environment known as a Holodeck.Online dating fraud in the UK cost victims a heart-breaking £27 million last year, according to the latest stats from the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Get Safe Online .Over 2,700 online dating related crimes were reported to the police over 12 months with the average loss standing at £10,000.The tech year might kick off in January with CES, but it's midway through the year at Computex, Asia's biggest tech show, when we start to see the computing power that's really driving next-gen technology.This year, when the tech world descended on Taiwan, it was all about smarter processing, new form factors for better gaming and bringing all these superior experiences to the masses for a better price.

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