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Zac Efron and Paris Jackson dating news seem to be a breath of fresh air for the fans as the former has been perennially linked to his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, who is in a relationship with Austin Butler.

That said, the recent exchanges of Efron and Jackson have some fans excited for the possible romance between the two.

But now she’s not (legally) a child anymore — Paris turned 18 on April 3.” “And this weekend she was caught trying to holla at Chris Breezy on Twitter,” continues the site.

“They were both in Virginia, and she wanted to meet up. But Jackson telling Brown to her hit up was enough for Media Fake Out to make the leap to “dating.” And not only is that the wrong conclusion, but the webloid is also mistaken when it says “both” were in Virginia last weekend.

Michael Jackson’s daughter also took to Twitter herself to hit back at the speculation.

“Do people not realize ‘boo’ is a term of endearment for friends and doesn’t always have to be used in a flirty way,” she wrote.

As expected, this kind of news spread fast and reached the ears of Troy Bolton also known as the heartthrob in "HSM." Being the gentleman that he is, the "Baywatch" star has reportedly apologized to the 18-year old celebrity daughter.

Still, Gossip Cop investigated anyway, and we’re exclusively told it’s “not true” Brown and Jackson are dating.Is Hollywood ready for Zac Efron and Paris Jackson dating news?Before anything else, it must be made clear that Efron and Jackson didn't really have a romantic connection not until the latter made a guesting on "The Tonight Show" and revealed an instance when the former broke her heart.They were together for 10 years, then, like that, they were over.While Kruger tried many things—traveling, working, posting a bunch of “I’m fine! ” Instagrams—it sounds as though Jackson has gone with the tried-and-true method for moving on: starting to date again.

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