Prostitute cheaper than dating

In an earlier post, I ponder whether prostitution is evolutionarily familiar or evolutionarily novel and whether men try to impress prostitutes.

My musing was prompted by an anecdote from in Allie's apartment, and mentions that he has just attended a lecture given by one of the coauthors of the book, in an apparent attempt to impress Allie.

But if you want sex with different hot women on a regular basis then prostitution is the best way to go about it.

It will save you all the grief, anger and emotional frustration that comes with using game - which by the way is a much higher price to pay than paying a prostitute, in my opinion.

In Levitt and Dubner's words, "The male instinct to impress the female is apparently strong even when the sex is already bought and paid for." After her encounter with the venture capitalist, Allie contacted Levitt, which is why Levitt knows about the encounter.

Allie and Levitt met in person a few days later, strictly for the purpose of academic research (or at least so says Levitt), they have become friends, and Levitt even invited Allie to give a guest lecture in the "Economics of Crime" course that he teaches at the University of Chicago.

If you assign a dollar amount for the use of PUA methods you will find that you pay much more than you get in return. Now I will admit that for some that is very important, like if you're a virgin and/or sexually/socially inexperienced. But over the long term the use of PUA methods is definitely a losing proposition.

Once the novelty fades it quickly becomes a low yield exercise in terms of results attained, and it has the compound effect of hurting your self image since you are trying to change who you are to adapt to what women are attracted to.

I'd say the risk of losing your heart to either one is drastically different. I think it's different if you pay a nurse to put a cold towel on your head when your body aches so much from the flu and your forehead is on fire and pounding, or having your wife tell you, "It's OK.

Upfront costs are high in USA and it set me back a cool 0 bucks but the time to fuck model quality women is priceless for an average guy like me.

Divorce, marriage and kids are WAY more expensive and painful. For people living on the West Coast, especially California, there is a good escort site called I thought I would copy and paste one of my posts I made from last night.

I couldn't imagine even touching a woman again, much less spending $$$ on her stupid ass. Don't want sex, don't want spoken to, don't want looked at, don't want any of it, whatsoever. Rowingdude started a thread where an unattractive woman demanded he take her out to a Ravens and Browns game and in return she would play tennis with him.

After 20 years of relationships, dating, two (cheating) fiances, one-nighters, etc., my desire is totally gone. Financially, I broke down the cost of this and here it is. When you think about the cost of the Ravens and Browns game.

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