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"We wanted to come out here and promote more of what we do, but get to know a little bit more about what some of the other people in this area provide for products and solutions as well," added Keith Gerks from Crawford Company.

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I usually use National will go back to them and pay the higher price for a better vehicle. When I arrived at the Hertz airport desk after an on time 8pm flight arrival, I was told that my reservation was at a distant downtown location, but that it closed at pm.And perhaps I would like to know more directly what it would mean if my flight was delayed .So just the extra precautionary preparation would have been good peace of mind.For questions about the Event email , your Quad Cities Pre-Dating Speed Dating Coordinator or to register by phone call .This is a reach I know , but it would be good if I were warned on the website that since my flight and Hertz counter closing was so close together.

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