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In Word 2007, they disabled autocomplete for Auto Text, but left it enabled for Dates.

At the same time they removed the checkbox from the interface, they nonetheless left the command in the object model.

Pick the specific date format you want, and make sure you click on the checkbox at the bottom that says Update Automatically. The only caveat is this: if you want to make sure you know when you saved a particular document, I suggest saving the document with the date in the filename because then next time you open up that document, the date will get updated.

This tutorial is most useful for Red Hat 7.1 installations and older which used the Lilo operating system boot loader.Red Hat 7.2 introduced GRUB as the default boot loader and it is configured automatically by the RPM installation.If installing from kernel source see: Yo Linux Tutorial: Compiling the Kernel If installing on a system with an NVidia graphics card see Yo Red Hat installation - Installing the NVidia graphics drivers.If you are entering data into a worksheet that contains many duplicates, such as the place names or department titles Auto Complete can help to speed up data entry quite a bit.If your data doesn't contain any duplicates, then Auto Complete can often be more of a bother than a help.

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