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Output of config test was: apache2: Syntax error on line 140 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 3 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/ssl.load: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_into server: /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_ssl.so: symbol X509_getm_not After, version OPENSSL_1_1_0 not defined in file 1.1 with link time reference Action 'configtest' failed. If you have not yet created a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and ordered your certificate, see Open SSL CSR Creation for Apache SSL or try our CSR Generator Open SSL CSR Creation.By default, Apache is configured to use following paths: These folders are global, not application-specific.If you’re like me, you’ve been developing applications with Apache Cordova or Ionic Framework for a while now.The Adobe Media Server installation of Apache is like the standard installation.

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Instead I find people suggesting Homebrew, Mac Ports, or Fink.A personal web site hosted on the ECN Apache Server is accessible via the web at the following URL: View the document on Mapping ECN Drive using Windows 7 for more information.This procedure may work from other computer systems on campus or computer systems connected to Purdue through the ITa P VPN Service.Given that I have a number of sites working with com and it all works well (edit locally, test by visiting their corresponding url with the local.prefix) and it is all pretty convenient and nice, I would like to continue doing the same, but with Apache 2.4.9. If you somehow achieve what you are after, you will break any ability to upgrade Apache2 or have any security updates Apple roles out that is applied using the built-in Mac App Store or softwareupdate from Apple.

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