Updating to rails 2 2 2

The first two steps are independent from actually upgrading to the Rails 3 gem, and any Rails 2.3 app out there should do them even if there’s no intention of upgrading to 3.0.This was our first step into Rails 3 land, and we did it at the end of 2010.Our production instances made the final switch in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, but it didn’t happen all at once.We added the required pieces throughout the past year, and, looking back, breaking the upgrade into three major steps was easier to manage than trying to cram it into a single deploy.In our example, you only have three dependencies, but even in this case, updating everything can cause complications.

updating to rails 2 2 2-57

Was trying to get back to revive a project neglected for over a month which was on rails 2.4.0. He installed Bundler using their Rails 2.3 guide and added any missing gems when trying to start the app.He used the recommended ~ notation for gem versions at first, but that upgraded our Paperclip gem to 2.3.3.And a thread between me and @tenderlove on twitter where he says he can reproduce it and isn't sure what the issue is, told me to open a ticket (also shows a screenshot of bundler resolving dependencies for a very long time) https://twitter.com/joemsak/status/850403632512208897 Finally, my gemfile with some notes commented at the top https://gist.github.com/joemsak/9e82361806fdcbb065626cabee822c70 For what it's worth, I use pessimize regularly to ensure my gem versions are kept in order to prevent accidental over-updates.Date: Sat Apr 8 2017 0000 Auto merge of #5559 - colby-swandale:gem-branch-exception, r=segiddins print an error message when a non-git gem is given a `branch` option When the user supplies the `branch` option to a non-git gem an error message should be printed. [[email protected] bundler (master)]$ ruby -v ruby 2.4.0p0 (2016-12-24 revision 57164) [x86_64-darwin16] [[email protected] bundler (master)]$ cd ../bundle-issue [[email protected] bundle-issue]$ time ruby -I ~/git/bundler/lib ~/git/bundler/exe/bundle Fetching gem metadata from https://rubygems.org/.......

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